7 Qualities Scholarships Look For in Applicants

Qualities Scholarships Look For in ApplicantsAre you looking for a college scholarship to help pay for your college education? For you to win any scholarship you need to stand out from all the other applicants.

Whether it’s writing the best essay for an essay scholarship or winning a contest for any of these no essay scholarships, you need to make sure you stand out and capture scholarship committees’ attention.

There are a few qualities they often look for in each applicant. Below are some of the invaluable qualities and/or skills you need to have when applying for a scholarship.

7 Qualities Scholarships Look For in Applicants

1. Passion

Are you passionate about what the scholarship program offers? And are you passionate about your field of study or you just want financial aid simply because there are scholarship options out there?

You need to show that you are passionate about your field of study (whatever it may be) as well as what the scholarship in question offers you.

Good grades will put you in a winning position, but other qualities do play a significant role is helping you get the financial aid you need.

2. Strong Academics

Although not every scholarship requires applicants to have a minimum GPA, scholarship committees will often take into consideration your overall commitment to academics.

A good GPA indicates you take your studies seriously and that a scholarship aid will help you achieve your career goals. Besides, you are asking for an academic scholarship, so why not prove that you’re doing well in your studies?

It’s advisable to apply for scholarships that best suit your area of study. For example, there are scholarships for physics majors, biology majors, accounting majors, etc. By doing so you stand a greater chance of getting selected.

3. Work Experience

Another important quality that almost all the scholarships look for is your work experience. You might be a student, YES, but you need to demonstrate your commitment and responsibility as well as exemplify a strong work ethic.

For example, securing an internship in your field of study indicates you’re passionate about and dedicated to pursuing that career path.

Besides, you will need letters of recommendation to increase your chance of getting selected, and your supervisor’s recommendation carries a lot of weight.

4. Community Service

Many scholarship programs require their applicants to have participated in community service. Community service is beneficial in many ways.

Apart from being a proof of your commitment and desire to help others, it also shows you value how you spend your time away from studies.

Please note that doing community services for a few days might not be as resourceful as doing it for several weeks or even months.

5. Leadership

Leadership skill is another quality that most scholarships look for. There are many ways students can portray and/or sharpen their leadership skills. The common ones include;

  • Being a captain of a sports team
  • Being a student council member/chair
  • Being club president/secretary/treasurer

Another way to show your leadership skills is participation in different projects where you have actual input. Scholarships committees prefer applicants with leadership skills because they are more likely to take initiatives, organize and inspire others, and also help build team consensus.

6. Attention to Detail

Most scholarship applicants do not get financial aids as a result of submitting incomplete applications. Show them your attention to detail by submitting all the required documents.

This includes essays, transcripts, resume, personal statements, test scores, letters of recommendation, and your latest photo.

Make sure to submit your application on or before the deadline. Late and incomplete submissions will lead to your application getting rejected.

It’s also advisable to submit typed, error-free documents with correct identifying details such as name and application number. You should also label each document appropriately.

7. Confidence & Composure

Interviews can be scary, making your heart race faster and your tummy full of butterflies. But you need to stay calm, composed and exude some confidence.

During a scholarship interview, show confidence in yourself (that you have what it takes to win the scholarship) and be composed when responding to questions.

Do not be hasty in giving your responses. You can take a few seconds to reflect on the question and think about the appropriate answer.

Besides, it’s not a crime to ask for a few seconds to think rather than giving quick, disorganized responses and appear rush and disorganized.

Final thoughts on what scholarships look for…

These are some of the qualities that most scholarships look for. You need to show you are passionate about your field of study, strong academics, great community service record, and leadership skills.

Ensure your submission is also complete and be confident and composed during your scholarship interview. All these little things will put you in a good place to get the financial aid you desire.

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