University of Ottawa International English Scholarships

Entrance and Excellence Scholarships: average-based renewable scholarships for students from Africa, India or Bangladesh studying in English.

The University of Ottawa is proud of its internationally diverse student body. As a result, beginning in the fall 2024 term, international students from these countries will benefit from significant reductions in their tuition fees when they study in one of the eligible undergraduate programs offered in English.

Eligibility criteria

To be eligible for these scholarships, international students must meet the following criteria:

  • be a citizen of any country in Africa or one of the countries listed
  • be newly admitted in the fall 2024 term in one of the eligible undergraduate programs offered in English in one of the faculties listed
  • not enroll in the French immersion stream
  • have a valid study permit when classes start
  • be enrolled full-time.

Note: Canadian citizens with dual citizenship (Canada and another country) are not eligible since they already qualify for Canadian tuition rates.

Eligible undergraduate programs

Students from Africa, India, or Bangladesh, will automatically be eligible for an Entrance or Excellence renewable, average-based scholarship when they enroll in an eligible undergraduate program offered in English.

Scholarship amounts by place of origin

Scholarship amounts vary, depending on the admission average and the faculty offering the program.

Excellence scholarships are awarded through a competitive process among the top candidates with an admission average of 90% or higher who apply for admission by April 1, 2024, and whose admission has been processed by April 15, 2024. Candidates whose first choice is the University of Ottawa will be favored. Recipients must start their program in September. Insofar as possible and to maximize diversity, each faculty will award the same number of scholarships.

Africa, India, and Bangladesh

All amounts are in Canadian dollars. These scholarships may be renewed for up to 12 terms.

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