United States Scholarship to Africa

This program was set up to assist undergraduate and postgraduate students in the Motherland – AFRICA – to acquire knowledge in Universities, Colleges, and other Institutions of learning in the United States. It is an initiative of the Union of African Americans in the United States as part of a special contribution to the development of the human resources of the Motherland.


This scholarship is open to only African students not above age 39. To qualify for selection, candidates must meet the stated basic requirements, in addition to ensuring that entries are made not later than the specified deadline date. Candidates are selected from the fully completed entries received and verified before 31st December. Successful candidates are notified before the end of February of the following year.

A strong willingness for intellectual pursuit is a necessary prerequisite. To succeed, an applicant should submit relevant details including certificates or results showing a sound or good academic background.

Entry Entitlement

A recipient of the scholarship will be assisted to study in the United States Free of tuition throughout the duration of the chosen program. In addition, the recipient will provisionally receive an annual allowance of US$4,000 for welfare. A recipient will also be assisted to get a Student Visa which will expire at the end of the chosen program of five (5) years, (and 8 years for courses lasting beyond 5 years).

Optionally, a recipient/student under this program will be assisted in securing a part-time job that enables the student to work while schooling and earn extra income. This is only done on request.

Entry Requirements

1. Completed Entry Form (to be made online). Apply Now
2. Entry Fee of US$100 (₦95000 Nigeria, ¢1162 Ghana, R1795 South Africa). See How To Pay
3. Five credit passes in O/level exams, including English Language, Mathematics, and three other subjects (undergraduate program).
4. First degree / HND (Postgraduate program).
5. Your recent color passport photograph.


  • Low low-quality passport with poor image visibility will invalidate your entry.
  • Submit any information you think will make faster verification of your certificates or result statement.
  • Submit also a one-page description of your background giving reasons why you should be considered.
  • You can submit any documents or information you think will give you an advantage.
  • You can apply with a result statement or result notification.
  • You can apply with two sittings of O/level results.
  • O/level is the examination result obtained at finishing high school or secondary school. Examples: SSCE, GCE, WAEC, NECO, WASSCE, etc.
  • Postgraduate candidates with grades below second-class (for example Third Class) need to apply for a fresh undergraduate program.
  • Entry must be made on time. The online application form on this website will become unavailable after the deadline date.


1. Interested persons will complete the application form on this website, including all requirements.
2. All received documents, qualifying certificates and results will be verified before 20 December.
3. Applicants whose documents were verified correctly will be entered for selection on 31 December.
4. The selection result will be published on this website before the end of February, and applicants will be notified.
5. We commence admission processing for successful applicants into the universities or institutions.
6. Notification documents will be sent to candidates for Visa processing and travel guidelines.

Hostel Information

Special low-rate hostels are arranged for new visiting students in the first academic year. Detailed information and travel guidelines will be sent to successful candidates.

Closing Date

Entry for the year 2023 must be received from now to November 30, 2023. The application form on this website will be locked after the 5500th entry or after November 30, 2023.


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