Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program for African Students at McGill University

A central goal of the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program is to create a globally educated and highly qualified group of future leaders, who, upon graduation, can return to Africa to help foster the region’s development. Toward these ends, McGill complements Scholars’ education with a comprehensive support system that includes mentorship, tailored support services, community service opportunities, and sustained programming relevant to their personal development. Scholars also receive guidance and funding for two internships in their home countries during their studies. These internships aim to sustain the Scholars’ connection with their home countries and build a path toward meaningful employment post-graduation.

Eligibility Criteria

In order to be considered for the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program you must meet the following criteria:

Be admissible to one of the eligible non-thesis programs at McGill University:

  1. Have never registered for /completed any graduate studies;
  2. Be a citizen of, and reside in a Sub-Saharan African Country
  3. Have a valid passport and be admissible to Canada as an International Student (requiring a Study Permit).
  4. Those with dual citizenship, asylee, refugee, or permanent resident status in the US, Canada, UK, or EU are not eligible.
  5. You are welcome to apply even if you do not identify with a Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program priority group (listed below), however, those who self-identify with one of the following groups will be given precedence in the selection process.
    -Refugee or Internally Displaced Person
    -Person with Disabilities
  6. Have an exceptional record of service and activity in your school and community;
  7. Have an intent to return to your country immediately upon the completion of your degree with the goal of transforming your community through social and economic development;
  8. Must be less than 35 years old at the time of application.

Determine Your Eligibility

1. McGill Graduate Programs: Prospective applicants must consult the departmental requirements as well as the standard graduate admission requirements, to verify that they are eligible to apply. Please ensure that you confirm that your degree meets the equivalency requirements here:

Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program: Please find scholarship eligibility criteria here.

Please note that meeting the minimum graduate admissions requirements does not guarantee eligibility for the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program or admission to McGill University.

2. Application Forms

McGill Graduate Programs: Begin McGill University Graduate Application, prospective applicants should not proceed with the payment of the application, but complete all other components.
Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program: Complete the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program Application form in order to have your application pre-screened for academic and scholarship eligibility. Only complete applications that meet the minimum eligibility requirements will be considered.

Submission Deadline for the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program Application is December 1, 2023.

3. Pre Screening

At this phase, applications are reviewed and will be notified within a reasonable timeframe.

4. Submission of Application to McGill University

If successful during the pre-screening phase, applicants will be notified and granted a fee waiver to be able to submit their application for admission to McGill University.

5. Department Decision

Once all of the requested documents have been received, the department will review the application in line with their deadlines.

  • If the applicant is admitted to their program of study, their Scholarship application will move on to the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program Selection Committee for review.
  • If the applicant is refused admission, they are no longer eligible for the scholarship.
  • There may be instances where applicants are admitted to McGill University but are not awarded the scholarship, and they must find other funding sources.

Successful applicants will be notified in April 2024 if they have been selected for the 2024 Cohort of the Mastercard Foundation Scholarship Program at McGill University.


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