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13 High Paying Warehouse Jobs for 2023

There are different types of warehouse jobs, some needing candidates to have a bachelor’s degree and others open to those with just a high school diploma.

Each warehouse job requires considerably varying sets of skills and expertise. Management-level jobs need strong organizational skills and the ability to manage staff while those at lower levels require a different set of skills.

To help you choose an appropriate job, we have sampled a few high-paying warehouse jobs, some paying as high as $75,000 a year.

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High paying warehouse jobs 2023

Below we highlight a few high-paying jobs ideal for people looking to work in warehouses.

1. Warehouse Packer

Warehouse packers, also called pickers or packagers, are responsible for labeling and preparing items for shipment. They measure and weigh the products and ensure the warehouse storage areas and containers are in order.

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Sometimes they can carry out inspections to ensure the packaging process is done in accordance with the company’s and/or client’s specifications.

The average salary for warehouse packers in the United States of America is $35,509 and the highest-paid workers get $47,000 per year.

2. Production Worker

Production workers in warehouses are tasked with operating and maintaining warehouse equipment, such as conveyor lines, pallet jacks, dock levelers, truck restraints, dock seals & shelters, dock boards & plates, wheel chocks, and bumpers.

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They can also assemble product parts as well as make sure the warehouse machinery and equipment are safe and function properly to ensure smooth operations and maximize warehouse workers’ efficiency.

The average salary for production workers is $38,701 with the top earners getting $49,128 per year.

3. Warehouse Clerk

Warehouse clerks process customer orders & financial transactions, keep inventory organized, compare packing slips against orders for accuracy, and may assist in shipping the orders or unpacking the shipments.

Other tasks they do include labeling merchandise with tags or codes, stocking warehouse shelves, scanning & verifying merchandise quality, preparing shipping labels, and inspecting returned goods to make sure none is damaged.

The average salary for warehouse clerks in the United States of America is $37,710. The highest-paid warehouse clerks earn $47,274 per year, which makes this one of the high-paying warehouse jobs.

4. Warehouse Worker

Warehouse laborers or workers perform the general, and often manual, tasks within the warehouse. Such tasks include loading and unloading goods from trucks, packaging items for shipment, moving products around the warehouse, prepping worksites for projects, and keeping work areas clean and safe.

The average salary for warehouse workers in the United States of America is $39,520 with the top earners getting $63,949 per year.

5. Inventory Control Manager

Inventory control managers oversee and ensure all inventory procedures and milestones are met, which includes budgeting and warehouse staff management.

In most cases, you need a bachelor’s degree along with years of role-specific experience to land a job as an inventory control manager. Computer literacy and strong organizational skills will definitely give you the edge over other candidates.

This is definitely one of the high-paying warehouse jobs in the United States of America, with their average being $57,973. The highest-paid inventory control managers earn $116,000 per year.

6. Distribution Center Manager

Distribution center managers are responsible for planning and overseeing the daily activities of a warehouse distribution center. They also budget for long-term warehouse distribution goals and projects and are responsible for training supervisory teams.

The average salary for distribution center managers is $66,652. The highest-paid managers earn $141,000 per year, making this one of the high-paying warehouse jobs in the United States of America.

7. Warehouse Manager

Warehouse managers are responsible for the receipt, storage, inventory, and dispatch of warehouse goods as well as managing the warehouse staff. They are required to have a clear understanding of proper safety procedures, warehouse best practices, and equipment maintenance.

According to Indeed, this is one of the high-paying warehouse jobs in the United States of America. Warehouse managers earn an average salary of $64,059, with the highest getting paid $92,017 per year.

8. Forklift Operator

Just as the name suggests, forklift operators are warehouse workers that operate hydraulic forklift trucks to load, unload, and move goods and cargo within the warehouse. They deliver goods to loading docks or into trucks as well as take unloaded cargo to appropriate storage areas.

They are responsible for ensuring the cargo is safely moved and oftentimes they are required to have certifications to operate the trucks.

The average salary for forklift operators in the United States of America is $41,280, and the highest earners get $54,431 per year.

9. Warehouse Associate

Warehouse associates typically transport & stock goods, pack orders, keep inventory records, and ensure the warehouse is clean and orderly at all times. You need a high school diploma and strong organizational skills to get a job as a warehouse associate.

The average salary for warehouse associates is $40,598. The highest-paid earns $56,000 per year, making this one of the high-paying warehouse jobs in the United States of America.

10. Shift Manager

Warehouse shift managers oversee smooth operations in the warehouse throughout their assigned shifts. They manage staff, ensure the warehouse equipment functions properly, and ensure everything is in place for the staff on shift to fulfill their respective tasks.

Shift managers also monitor safety compliance and take records of all the fulfilled shipments at the end of every shift.

The average salary for shift managers in the United States of America is $40,857, and the highest-paid earns $59,000 per year.

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11. Material Handler

Material handlers maintain warehouse stock by identifying, labeling, organizing warehouse supplies, and documenting the inventory location for easy identification and retrieval. They can also record shipments and ensure all outgoing orders meet shipment specifications.

The average salary for material handlers in the United States of America is $37,739, while the top-paid get $47,945 per year.

12. Shipping Supervisor

Shipping supervisors ensure all shipments are delivered on time and according to the allocated budget. They ensure all goods are in good condition and delivered on time to the appropriate destinations. Another important role shipping supervisors have is managing shipping staff and ensuring they fulfill their responsibilities.

Shipping supervisors in the United States of America earn an average salary of $49,927, while the highest-paid earn $65,814 per year.

13. Production Manager

Another high-paying warehouse job is that of a production manager, whose role is to train and supervise lower-level production staff. They are also responsible for planning production schedules, assessing resource requirements, managing production budgets, and negotiating production timetables and rates with clients.

Production managers are also tasked with ensuring the teams they manage comply with quality measures and warehouse safety regulations.

The average salary for production managers in the United States of America is $79,684, with the highest-paid earning $119,682 per year.

Final thoughts

These are just a few high-paying warehouse jobs, most of which you can get without a bachelor’s degree. It’s important to note that most warehouse jobs will be physically demanding and requires one to be physically fit.

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