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18 High Paying Jobs Nobody Wants (2023)

You would be forgiven for thinking all the high-paying jobs have insanely high demand and many people are competing for limited job openings.

There are many high-paying jobs that aren’t that attractive for different reasons, including being extremely dangerous or dirty.

While most people prefer to go for decent-looking jobs that pay well, you can still make the same or even more by pursuing some “unattractive” careers.

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Below we will highlight 18 high-paying jobs nobody wants to do along with the reasons why that’s the case.

1. Portable Toilet Cleaner

If you’ve ever been to an outdoor music festival or any outdoor event that necessitated the need to have portable toilets, you can bear witness that these toilets can be extremely unpleasant and often the last resort.

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The general hygiene coupled with the horrible stench, especially after being used hundreds of times in a matter of hours, makes the job of portable toilet cleaners extremely unpleasant.

Portable toilets not having a mechanism for getting rid of human waste means the cleaners will have to do it manually, clean them from top to bottom, and make sure they are disinfected before being reused.

It is one of the high-paying jobs nobody wants to do. According to ZipRecruiter, the average salary of portable toilet cleaners in the United States is $29,958 with the highest earners getting paid an annual income of $137,964 a year.

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2. Snake Milker

Snake milkers are trained experts who extract venom from poisonous snakes. The venom is used for medical research, to make drugs that help treat high blood pressure and blood clots, and to make antivenom for snake bites.

Not many people are enthusiastic about handling extremely poisonous snakes. Those who do work in serpentaria to extra venom from snakes such as cobras, mambas, vipers, corals, copperheads, and rattlesnakes among others.

It is one of the high-paying little-known jobs where one can earn an average of $36,799 a year. Watch this short video of two Snake Milkers in Deland, Florida (Carl Barden and Mara) who handle 50 to 100 snakes a day. Video courtesy: Brave Wilderness.

3. Death Row Executioner

This is definitely one of the undesirable jobs that pay well in the United States. Can you be comfortable legally ending someone’s life? I am not sure you can!

Well, according to the Florida Department of Corrections, prisoners on death row are usually killed by private citizens who are paid $150 per execution and are allowed to remain anonymous. There are professional executioners who have administered the death penalty more than 70 times.

Some executioners later regret taking the job because hundreds of convicts who were previously on death row have been exonerated, which begs the question “How many prisoners have been executed yet they didn’t commit the crime they were charged for?”

According to former executioner Jerry Givens, he earned between $39,000 and $50,000 a year. The average wage of an executioner in the United States is $54,791 but others can earn as high as $128,500 a year depending on multiple factors.

4. Sewage Inspector

Just as the name itself suggests, sewage inspectors check and identify clogs, cracks, and leakages in underground sewer systems. In some cases, they have to swim through human excrement and other wastes to identify where the problem is and find an appropriate solution.

The idea of being exposed to human excreta for hours, leave alone other unmentionable waste products, does not at all make this job an attractive one. Extended exposure can cause asphyxiation and breathing problems if appropriate protective measures are not taken.

As if that isn’t enough, some sewer inspectors have reported encountering corpses of dead people and animals while on duty cleaning or maintaining the sewer systems.

The only bright side of being a sewage inspector is that you do not need an undergraduate degree to be eligible. It also plays well with the average salary being $36,007 and the top-paid earners get $68,000 a year.

5. Urine Farmer

Another high-paying job nobody wants is that of a urine farmer. Urine farmers harvest urine from animals to help in creating lures for hunting.

For example, white-tailed deer farmers collect urine from the animals. The undiluted urine is packed with pheromones that attract bucks, which makes it easier to hunt them by using the urine as a lure.

Urine farmers collect urine by keeping the deer in special rooms with holes in the floor. The urine will drip through the holes into storage containers. The collected urine will then be packaged, refrigerated, and shipped for sale.

According to DeerFarmer.com, you can earn between $93,440 and $303,680 per deer per year. This is based on estimations that one deer produces approximately half a gallon of urine a day and the cost of deer pee ranges between $4.00 to $13.00 per ounce (between $256 and $832 per day).

6. Embalmer or Mortician

The work of embalmers or morticians involves preparing the bodies of the deceased for viewing, funerals, and other final rites. They replace the blood with embalming fluid, glue the eyelids shut, and use cosmetic makeup to create a warm and nearly lifelike appearance of the body.

Doing all these tasks requires one to not only be brave but also be able to handle dead bodies with patience and dignity. Not many people have the stomach for doing such a delicate job, which explains why not many people are eager to become embalmers even though the job pays well.

It’s also worth noting that embalming fluid is extremely carcinogenic. Exposure to the fluid can cause bronchitis, brain damage, impaired coordination, lung damage, body tissue destruction, and inflammation of the throat, nose, and esophagus.

The average salary of embalmers in the U.S. is $44,244. The highest-paid professionals receive $76,000 a year. Apart from being an embalmer or mortician, here are thirteen more high-paying jobs working with dead bodies.

7. Head Lice Technician

Can you envision yourself pursuing a career that involves removing lice from people’s heads? It’s not a fancy job, I must confess, but pays quite well with limited schooling.

Head lice technicians screen people’s heads for lice, provide all-natural lice removal treatment if need be, and educate their clients on ways to maintain lice-free hair/head.

The mean annual salary of head lice technicians is $48,496 and the top-paid professionals earn $94,000 a year.

8. Bovine Semen Collector

Bovine semen collectors collect bull semen. They use an electro-ejaculator device that’s inserted in the bull’s rectum. The device applies mild electrical stimulation of accessory sex glands to induce ejaculation. The semen is then collected with an AV.

Not many people would be willing to spend their workdays inducing ejaculation in bulls and collecting the semen. Either way, it is one of the many odd jobs that pay well.

According to PayScale, bovine semen collectors earn an average of $44,000 a year while the top-paid experts receive more than $63,000 a year.

In case you’re not interested in being a bovine semen collector but love animals, here are a few high-paying animal jobs you might like.

9. Oil Rig Worker

Another high-paying job nobody wants is that of an oil rig worker. They work in extremely harsh circumstances in an offshore oil rig site in the middle of the sea. They work for long hours, approximately 12 hours per shift, doing physically intense and demanding tasks such as cleaning & maintaining pipes or operating the rotary drill rig.

Oil rig workers have to wear protective gear the entire time they are working. This can be extremely uncomfortable especially if you consider some of the safety gear including special suits, hard hats, and boots reinforced with steel from the inside.

High Paying Jobs Nobody Wants 2022
An oil rig worker doing maintenance

The workers also have to deal with loud noises and wearing earplugs and protective eyeglasses is mandatory. Failure to do this can result in permanent hearing problems or loss of eyesight.

On top of the tough working conditions, oil rig workers can also spend several months away from friends and family. This means you should kiss goodbye to the idea of getting a well-paying job that provides a good work-life balance.

Nonetheless, it is one of the highest-paying jobs in the United States. The average salary for an oil rig worker is $82,486 with the top-paid earning $155,000 a year.

10. Adult Entertainer

According to the latest statistics, the global adult entertainment industry is worth approximately $97 billion. It is worth approximately $12 billion in the United States alone.

Unfortunately, being an adult entertainer/actor is one of the many high-paying jobs nobody wants to do (except a few) for varying reasons.

Adult entertainers are subjected to life-threatening, dangerous, and in some cases unhygienic situations. In most cases, adult entertainers working for agencies do not have the privilege to select who to work with.

They find themselves being cast alongside actors they rarely know. There is also the risk of getting infected with STDs or STIs.

According to a report compiled by CNBC, female adult performers earn an average of between $800 and $1,000 per scene. Top performers can earn as high as $1,500 while superstars earn up to $2,000 per scene.

On the other hand, male performers earn an average of between $500 and $600 per scene. Famous male entertainers earn as high as $900 per scene while superstars can earn as high as $1,500 per scene.

11. Hazardous Material Removal Worker

Your daily duties as a hazardous material removal worker depend on where you’re employed. However, it involves the removal of toxic substances such as radioactive waste, asbestos, and lead. These are dangerous and life-threatening materials.

For example, according to the American Cancer Society, lung cancer including the one caused by exposure to asbestos is the number one killer, and it killed approximately 14,670 people in the United States in 2019.

To put this into perspective, that number is approximately three times the number of patients who succumbed to breast cancer (and more than breast cancer, colon cancer, and pancreatic cancer combined).

Crime scene cleaners also handle hazardous materials. They clean up crime scenes after crime scene investigators have gathered all the necessary information. Some crime scenes are emotionally and psychologically disturbing such as those involving gruesome murders, violent attacks, or suicides.

In a nutshell, working as a hazardous material removal worker can take a toll on anyone. Besides, it isn’t easy to separate yourself from your job, especially after dealing with emotionally or psychologically wrecking scenes. This is why many people find the job unattractive even though it pays well.

The average income for a hazardous material removal worker is $34,651 per year.

12. Garbage Collector

According to a report done by CNN, two garbage collectors based in New York City made $112,000 and $100,000 a year, one as a garbage truck driver and the other as his helper.

As you can see, being a garbage collector can earn you a six-figure salary. Unfortunately, not many people are enthusiastic about landing such a job.

A garbage collector has to deal with the foul smell of rotten food and other “unmentionable” wastes. Apart from having to deal with the smell the entire time, they are also exposed to disease-causing bacteria and viruses.

Additionally, some garbage collectors work at night from 7 p.m. to 3 a.m. regardless of whether it’s raining or the night is ice cold.

It is one of the many high-paying jobs nobody wants to do (unless you have no alternative). According to Glassdoor, the average salary of garbage collectors in the United States is $36,611.

13. Crab Fisher

Being a crab fisherman is considered one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. Crab fishermen have to wrestle with the unforgiving forces of nature such as storms and waves just to catch as many crabs as possible during the high seasons.

High Paying Jobs Nobody Wants 2022
Crab fishermen displaying their catch

They often stay out at the sea for three to four weeks, which increases the risk of suffering from hypothermia in their quest to catch the most expensive crabs.

Apart from the fact that it’s an extremely risky job, the strict requirements needed to become a crab fisher compel most people to look for alternative jobs.

It’s a high-paying job that pays an average salary of $39,000 a year. During a 3-month high season, experienced crab fishers can earn $42,500 with the crab boat captain earning more than $200,000.

14. Landfill Operator

Landfill operators spend their workdays at landfill sites disposing of solid waste materials. They use heavy pieces of machinery such as bulldozers and front-end loaders to excavate landfills, transport solid wastes, and spread and compact the waste in layers.

They also deal with poison and chemical administration at the landfill sites to ensure the sites do not cause disease outbreaks.

Working in landfill sites is not healthy as prolonged exposure to waste products can cause health complications, especially if proper precautions are not taken.

The average wage of landfill operators is $33,894 and the top earners get paid $46,000 a year.

15. Coal Miner

This is one of the highest-paying coal mining jobs, but not many people are interested in doing it. There have been fatalities from coal mine explosions over the years. Anyone who works as a coal miner for an extended period can suffer from multiple health complications resulting from continuous exposure to toxic gases and chemicals.

Apart from the fact that the miners’ health and life are always at risk, the work environment isn’t glamorous either. The coal mines, especially those underground, can be dark, dirty, and stuffy.

According to Glassdoor, coal miners in the United States earn an average salary of $48,293. A report by New York Times indicates that coal miners working under the United Mine Workers of America contract earn at least $61,650 a year and close to $85,000 a year with overtime.

16. Elevator Installer/Repairer

Have you ever heard a kid say “When I grow up I would like to be an elevator installer”? I guess NOT simply because although it pays well it is not one of the fancy jobs people compete for.

Elevator installers/repairers install and repair elevators. The demand for their services will always be high due to the never-ending construction of skyscrapers that necessitate the installation of elevators.

They are also called upon when repairs are needed or when an elevator gets stuck midway and users are locked inside.

According to the Salary.com, elevator installers/repairers earn an average salary of $78,041 with the top-paid professionals getting paid $95,199 a year.

17. Toll Booth Operators

Last on our list of high-paying jobs nobody wants to do is that of toll booth operator. Tollbooth operators or attendants work in toll booths on highways, bridges, and national tolled roads to collect toll payments from road users.

They verify how much the user should pay, collect the fee, and provide change if necessary. This means you will have to deal with all sorts of road users, some arrogant and others disrespectful. Having thick skin will see you through the day or else things can get really bad for you.

According to a health survey done by Strauss, Orris, and Buckley, most toll booth operators suffer from health complications such as constant headaches, irritability, anxiety, unusual tiredness, mucous membrane irritation (i.e. nasal congestion, eye irritation, and throat dryness), and muscle problems such as back and neck pains.

Despite all these drawbacks, the job pays well. Their average salary is $34,763 and the top-paid operators earn $50,000 a year.

Here is a sample video showing what toll booth workers go through on a regular basis. Video courtesy: South China Morning Post.

18. Butcher/Slaughterer

Another well-paying job, not almost no one is interested in doing that of a butcher. This job is not for people with weak stomachs and vegans.

While few people are interested in being butchers, those who do the job can earn as high as $55,350 a year. The average salary for butchers in the United States is $41,340.

$100K jobs no one wants

Above we have highlighted the high-paying jobs no one wants. As you can see, some of these jobs pay well over $100K a year. Below are some $100K jobs no one wants you might want to consider.

High-paying jobs nobody knows about

The high-paying jobs nobody knows about included in this list include urine farmer, head lice technician, and bovine semen collector. Other little-known jobs that pay well include hippotherapy, clinical ethicist, snake milker, hypnotherapist, digital colorist, gaffer, and geodesist.


As you can see, most high-paying jobs nobody wants to do can pay as much as $300,000 a year. On average, you can earn more than fifty grand a year doing any of these isolated jobs no one wants.

Watch this video: High Paying Jobs No One Wants by Mind Warehouse.


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