10 High Paying Careers Working With Children in 2021

High Paying Jobs Working With Kids, High Paying Careers Working With ChildrenApart from aiming to get a well-paying job that will give you the financial freedom you desire, having a fulfilling career is equally invaluable.

However, the salaries of most certified professionals who work with children do not reflect their invaluable role in helping shape tomorrow’s generation.

There are, however, a few high-paying careers working with children where you can earn as high as $200,000 per year.

In this list, we focus on high-paying careers working with children with a mean annual wage of at least $60,000. The salary data is provided by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Unless otherwise indicated.

High Paying Careers Working With Children in 2021

Below we highlight ten of the well-paying careers working with kids in 2021 in the United States. Some of these jobs pay as high as $220,000 a year.

1. Child Psychiatrists

Child psychiatry is a branch of medicine that focuses on the study and treatment of mental, behavioral, and emotional disorders in childhood.

Psychiatrists are medical doctors who specialize in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of mental disorders, including substance use disorders. They can assess both the physical and mental aspects of psychological problems.

Some of the roles of child psychiatrists include;

  • Developing treatment plans for patients, which may include psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, medication, and hospitalization
  • Evaluating a child’s behavior and making a diagnosis
  • Treating disorders such as attention deficit, anxiety, and eating disorders

The mean annual wage of psychiatrists is $220,380 ($105.95 per hour).

2. Pediatric Dentists

Pediatric dentists help diagnose and treat dental diseases in children. They also advise and instruct on the right dental care practices. Some of the responsibilities of pediatric dentists include;

  • Removing decay from teeth and fill cavities
  • Removing or repairing damaged teeth
  • Placing whitening agents or sealants on teeth
  • Prescribing antibiotics and other dental medications
  • Administering anesthetics before undertaking dental procedures
  • Making models for dental appliances, including dentures
  • Educating patients on diets, brushing, flossing, and other dental care aspects
  • Examining dental x-rays to diagnose dental problems

The mean annual wage for pediatric dentists is $178,260 ($85.70 per hour).

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3. Education Administrators (Kindergarten through Secondary)

Education administrators in kindergarten, elementary, and secondary schools plan, direct, and coordinate the administrative, academic, and auxiliary activities.

Although you will handle administrative duties and spend less time with the children, you still have a massive role to play in their educational development.

The mean annual wage for education administrators (kindergarten through secondary) is $100,340 while the top earners earn more than $148,630 per year.

4. Elementary, Middle, and High School Principals

School principals oversee school operations on a daily basis, which includes coordinating curriculums, managing staff, and providing a safe, conducive & productive environment for learners.

Their duties include;

  • Managing school staff and activities
  • Establishing and overseeing class schedules
  • Counseling and disciplining students
  • Developing, implementing, and maintaining curriculum standards
  • Observing and evaluating teacher performance
  • Meeting with teachers and parents to discuss student matters
  • Organizing staff development programs and workshops
  • Managing school budget, expenses, and supplies

Their median annual wage is $96,400 with the top-paid 10% earning more than $148,630 per year.

5. Speech-Language Pathologists

Speech-language pathologists, also known as speech therapists, assess, diagnose, and treat speech and swallowing disorders in adults and children. The disorders can result from a stroke, hearing loss, brain injury, a cleft palate, autism, Parkinson’s disease, or a developmental delay.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 38% of speech-language pathologists work in educational institutions at state and local levels. Duties of a speech-language pathologist include;

  • Evaluating speech, language, and swallowing difficulty levels
  • Identifying the appropriate treatment options
  • Creating individualized treatment plans for patients
  • Teaching children and adults to make sounds
  • Helping children and adults improve and maintain speech fluency
  • Helping children and adults to strengthen the muscles used to swallow

The mean annual wage for speech-language pathologists is $82,000 with the top earners earning more than $121,260 ($58.30).

High Paying Careers Working With Children

High Paying Jobs Working With Kids
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6. School Psychologists

School psychologists are certified professionals whose tasks involve identifying, addressing, and overcoming learning and behavioral challenges learners face in school. As a school psychologist, you will be tasked to provide in-depth psychological services that play a key role in helping students succeed academically, behaviorally, socially, and emotionally.

School psychologists;

  • Help students who are victims of bullying in school
  • Helps students struggling with their academics
  • Help students experiencing problems at home
  • Help students with disabilities and those with mental issues

The median annual wage for psychologists is $80,370 with the top earners earning more than $132,070 per year.

7. Pediatric Registered Nurses

Seeing that smiley face as you help a sick or injured child to regain their health and vitality is priceless, especially for anyone that loves children. Some of the roles of pediatric nurses include;

  • Assessing and recording patients’ medical condition
  • Administering treatments and medicines to patients
  • Helping set up or improve patient care plans
  • Operating and monitoring medical equipment
  • Performing diagnostic tests and analyzing the results
  • Teaching patients and their families on ways to manage illnesses/injuries
  • Explaining home care plans to patients or their families

Pediatric registered nurses earn a mean annual salary of $77,460 with the top earners earning more than $111,220 per year.

8. Pediatric Dental Hygienists

Pediatric dental hygienists examine children’s dental health for oral diseases such as gingivitis and provide appropriate preventive care. Some of their responsibilities include;

  • Removing tartar, plaque, stains from teeth
  • Taking and developing dental x-rays
  • Applying fluorides and sealants to help protect teeth
  • Assessing patients’ oral health and reporting findings to dentists
  • Documenting patients’ care & treatment plans
  • Educating patients on oral hygiene

The mean annual wage for pediatric dental hygienists is $77,230 with the top earners earning more than $103,340 per year ($49.68 per hour).

9. School Teachers

Being a school teacher is not only among the high-paying careers working with children but also one of the most fulfilling, that’s if you enjoy spending time with kids and young learners.

Some of the common duties school teachers do include;

  • Assessing students to evaluate their abilities including strengths and weaknesses
  • Grading students’ assignments and examinations
  • Communicating with parents or guardians on their kid’s progress
  • Helping students overcome learning challenges
  • Preparing learners for standardized tests

The mean annual wage for teachers varies depending on academic levels. These are the current median annual wages for school teachers.

  • Kindergarten and Elementary School Teachers – $59,670 (highest earners earn more than $97,900 per year).
  • Middle School Teachers – $59,660 (highest earners earn more than $96,280 per year).
  • High School Teachers – $61,660 (highest earners earn more than $99,660 per year).

10. School and Career Counselors

School counselors are tasked with helping students improve academic and social skills that play a key role in their success in school while career counselors help students explore careers or in choosing an education program that will lead to a specific career.

Some of their roles include;

  • Identifying issues affecting the academic performance of students
  • Evaluating students’ interests and abilities through interviews and aptitude assessments
  • Helping students understand and overcome behavioral and social problems
  • Helping students formulate plans to achieve their academic goals
  • Helping teachers and students address issues such as bullying and drug abuse
  • Working with parents, teachers, and administrators to help learners succeed

The mean annual wage for school and career counselors is $57,040 ($27.42 per hour) with the top earners earning more than $96,090 per year.

High Paying Careers Working With Kids

These are not the only high-paying careers working with children. For example, Preschool and Childcare Center Directors earn as high as $82,590 per year while Child, Family, and School Social Workers earn as high as $78,230 per year.

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