10 Creative Jobs for Communication Majors in 2023

Communication majors are mainly trained in emotional intelligence, media literacy & marketing, verbal & writing, project organization, and management skills.

These skills enable them to perform various roles in different industries, making them indispensable assets to any organization.

So, if you are a creative person with a communication major, there are plenty of career choices for you. In this article, we will explore 10 such careers that you can explore based on your interest.

What are the top creative jobs for communication majors?

Being creative and armed with valuable communications skills, you are poised for well-paying jobs in various roles and industries as a communication major.

That said, below are 10 communication jobs for creative people with their current mean annual salary to help you in decision-making.

1. Copywriter

Businesses and organizations need creative content to push their products and services. Therefore, they need copywriters to create content for their social media platforms and websites.

Graduates with a communication major are best suited for the job as they have the creativity needed to create attention-grabbing and standout content.

As a copywriter, your primary responsibility is to develop and write for brands in an appealing way and in line with their marketing goals. You may specialize in writing marketing emails, brand slogans or advertising campaigns, blogs, event signage, or brochures.

Opportunities for copywriters are mainly available in full-service marketing or advertising agencies, newspaper organizations, and radio stations among other large organizations. This field is competitive; consider getting a work placement after you graduate to increase your chances in the job market.

It is one of the high-paying jobs for writers. The average salary for copywriters in the United States of America is $60,050, with the highest earners getting $90,990 per year.

2. Marketing Coordinator

The marketing coordinator is one of the well-paying creative jobs for communication majors. Organizations employ them to track marketing campaigns, promote products & services, and drive profit.

Marketing coordinators research the company’s competitors through analysis of the sales, prices, and marketing methods to determine the company’s position in the marketing sphere. They then evaluate and interpret the data to develop competitive marketing strategies.

To succeed, you have to be multimedia savvy, creative, and innovative, skills most communication majors possess.

Apart from a degree in communication or any other relevant field, most employers will be keen on your personal qualities and experience. It will also be a plus if you are aware of digital media techniques.

The average salary for marketing coordinators in the United States of America is $50,998, with the potential to earn $73,074 per year based on the industry you work for.

3. Event Planner

When you hear of an event planner, you might think of throwing parties, but the job is more than that. Event planners plan and organize social, business, and promotional events for individuals, brands, or organizations.

They coordinate various activities such as decoration, catering, invitations, music, and venue in line with the client’s goals to create an event in line with the message or purpose of the event. Coordinating all these into a meaningful and cohesive final product requires creativity, great interpersonal skills, time management, and an eye for design and details.

Most companies employ event planners to organize seminars, conferences, and exhibitions as well as corporate incentive trips and parties. Therefore, as an event planner, you will find yourself working long hours and having your weekends and nights tied up.

But, if you thrive in a fast-paced environment, event planning is an exciting and rewarding job to consider. It is one of the fun jobs that pay well without a degree and their average salary is $52,246. The highest earners get $81,870 per year.

4. Social Media Manager

If you are a creative person with a communication major, you should consider social media manager jobs. Social media managers utilize their communication and social skills to create creative content on platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. They also spearhead community engagement and hashtags as standalone campaigns.

Simply, social media managers are in charge of the company’s online presence and therefore take care of customers’ online queries by creating timely posts, commenting on current affairs, and responding to them in real-time.

The job has no set qualification requirements, but graduates with a communication major have a high chance. You also need to build your experience by developing a personal brand and a strong online presence on a social media platform. A good and effective following on social media makes you stand out.

Being a social media manager is also one of the best jobs for introverts who prefer to work in solitude. The average salary for social media managers in the United States of America is $57,274. The top earners get $90,964 per year, which makes this one of the highest-paying creative jobs for communication majors.

5. Public Relations Officer

Public relations officers work to build, maintain and manage the image and reputation of their clients through planned public campaigns on media and communication platforms.

They are in charge of communicating important messages to the target audience to establish understanding between their clients and the general public. They create feature articles, press releases, pitch letters, images, and trending stories to achieve this.

You will need strong communication skills, persistence, determination, and creativity to push company ideologies in an acceptable manner.

Any creative graduate can become a public relations officer, but companies give special interest to those with communication majors. Work experience through volunteer programs also gives you an edge in the job market.

The average salary for public relations officers in the United States of America is $55,124, with the potential to earn $105,000 per year as you build your experience.

6. Writers and Authors

Writers and authors are creative and learned people in charge of creating and developing fiction and non-fiction written work. You will have to be creative, disciplined, organized, have excellent research skills, and passion for writing.

Although many writers and authors work as freelancers, some work as full-time employees in publishing companies. Some even do writing alongside part or full-time jobs. Therefore, if you work in a not-so-busy environment, this career is worth considering for supplementary income.

The job is open to all graduates, but communication majors oftentimes excel as writers and authors. They already have strong writing skills and an excellent grounding in language structure and grammar.

Apart from being among the best creative jobs for communication majors, it is also one of the high-paying linguist jobs for English majors.

The mean annual salary for writers is $62,208 and for authors $46,584, with the most experienced getting over $80,000 per year.

7. Journalist

Another high-paying job for English majors or communication majors is being a journalist. Journalists develop written and oral stories for print and digital media. Creativity and great communication skills are needed to create winning pieces that attract the attention of the target audience.

For this, communication majors are best suited for the jobs as they already have the skills to study the interplay between people, institutions, events, and systems to come up with creative headlines. Besides, they utilize their knowledge of emotional intelligence to pick the right sources and timing for their pieces.

Taking journalism courses in addition to your degree, joining a journalism internship, or writing for a campus publication gives you an upper hand in the job market.

The average salary for journalists in the United States of America is $48,902, with top earners getting $83,605 per year.

8. Brand Manager

Brand managers work creatively to build a lasting impact on a company’s brand. They develop business and communication strategies to monitor and oversee advertising and marketing campaigns.

Brand managers have to monitor market trends to engage positively. They evaluate commercials, ads, and other marketing channels to maintain brand integrity. Therefore, graduates with communication majors have a better chance for the job as their unmatched communication and research skills oftentimes prove invaluable.

The average salary for brand managers in the United States of America is $79,035. The highest-paid brand managers earn $127,294 per year, which makes this among the highest-paying creative jobs for communication majors.

9. Editors

Editors review and change content to make it more polished and precise. They should have outstanding writing skills and attention to detail with an edge in creativity.

Editors should also ensure the content matches public demand. Graduates with a communications major are a great fit as they have emotional intelligence and other skills needed to understand the public and determine which content meets the cut.

Start by building experience with small publishers to create a strong portfolio that makes you competitive in the job market.

The average salary for editors in the United States of America is $64,345, with the potential to earn $110,670 per year based on experience and location.

10. Sales Representative

A sales representative is an entry-level job that most communication majors rarely consider exploring after college. However, a degree in communication gives you all the necessary skills to succeed in this job.

As a sales representative, you will be in charge of selling the company’s products to individual customers, the government, organizations, and other businesses. You will utilize your communication and writing skills to respond to customers’ concerns, wants, and needs.

Creativity is also needed as the responsibilities of sales representatives include building lasting relationships with customers, price negotiations, and showing customers how products meet their needs.

The average salary for sales representatives in the United States of America is $72,583. The best-paid making $144,045 per year, which makes it one of the best creative jobs for communication majors.

Communication jobs for creative people

If you have been wondering what you can do with a communication major, you have seen above that there are opportunities that will utilize your skills and creativity.

Most are well-paying, high-level jobs with some entry-level careers suitable for fresh graduates. Pursue freelance opportunities and enroll in internship programs right after college to build the experience needed in the job market.

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