Cambridge Africa Changemakers Scholarship for African Students

The Cambridge Africa Changemakers Scholarship is a programme of full-cost scholarships for Ph.D. students in any subject, open to candidates from any country in Africa. It is tenable at any college.

It aims to provide support to talented students who require financial assistance to take up their places at the University. Priority will be given to students whose research contributes to the development of the Continent and to climate-resilient and sustainable futures for Africa and the world.

This scholarship programme is closely affiliated with the Mastercard Foundation scholars programme.


  • University tuition fee
  • Annual stipend (sufficient for a single person)
  • Immigration Health Surcharge
  • Visa
  • Travel and research costs


Research areas must contribute to the development of the African continent and to climate-resilient and sustainable futures for Africa and the world

How to apply

No separate application is required for this scholarship, only the application for admission to the University of Cambridge, which must be submitted by the funding deadline specific to your course (please refer to the Postgraduate Course Directory)


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