13 Best Military Jobs That Transfer to Civilian Life

Sometimes it can be quite challenging to transition to civilian life after working in the armed forces. But, with the right interests and skills, you can easily get a job that will make this change smooth and fulfilling.

Before joining the military, it is good to also think about your life after the service. You need to identify the best civilian jobs for military vets to help you pursue the right course.

That said, we highlight the 13 best military jobs that transfer to civilian life.

What are the best military jobs that transfer to civilian life?

Several skills are available to make you suitable for military and civilian jobs. Below are some of these jobs together with their salaries and primary duties.

1. Systems Analyst

This career is also among the best-paying civilian jobs after military service. The primary duty of a systems analyst is to analyze, design, and implement systems to help enhance the efficiency and overall effectiveness of an organization.

They are problem-solvers who help improve already existing computer systems and enhance seamless workflow. Every industry needs system analysts for smooth operations, and it is quite easy for one to get a job in civilian life after serving in the army.

This is one of the highest-paying jobs in the Navy, with the average salary for systems analysts being $81,800. The highest-paid systems engineers earn $125,758 per year.

2. Army Technical Engineer

The primary duty of an army technical engineer is to oversee the development of a construction site. Their responsibilities include drafting construction plans and specifications, surveying, drawing topographical charts and maps, performing field and laboratory tests on construction materials, and drawing plans for electrical wiring and plumbing.

An army technical engineer also offers technical assistance for building projects. These professionals have a place in almost every industry. The average salary for army technical engineers is $35,627 per year.

3. Cybersecurity Analyst

A cybersecurity analyst working in the military has skills in detecting and fighting cybercrime. One needs to be attentive to details and quick to respond to stressful circumstances.

Cybercrime has continued to increase at an alarming rate making it necessary for many civilian employers to hire cybersecurity analysts. As a cybersecurity analyst in the military, it is quite easy to transition smoothly into civilian employment. You can work for finance, health, and manufacturing companies, among others.

The average salary for a cybersecurity analyst in the United States of America is $91,089, and the highest pay is $152k. If you’re a cybersecurity analyst, here is a list of the best cities for cybersecurity jobs based on job concentration and average annual salaries.

4. Network Engineer

Network engineers maintain the connectivity of networks to ensure smooth wireless and data systems. The maintenance of a strong network infrastructure helps improve performance and security.

This career is among the best civilian jobs for military vets that pay wellThe average salary for a network engineer in the United States of America is $93,665 per year.

5. Computer Hardware Engineer

Computer technology is advancing fast and there is a need for specialists to build, test, and modify product prototypes. A computer hardware engineer researches, develops, designs, and tests computers for military, commercial, and other scientific uses.

A computer hardware engineer in the armed forces has a great chance of employment in the civilian workforce. The average salary for a computer hardware engineer is $78,519, and the highest is $174k

6. Software Application Developer

A software application developer is responsible for creating suitable programs in the army. These programs are applicable in organizing and displaying intelligence information that streamlines mission planning.

To fit in this career, one must possess strong management and organizational skills. One will also need to understand and apply mathematical concepts. Since technology is growing and changing, it is very easy for software developers to get jobs in different industries after serving in the military.

The average salary for software application developers is $107,221. This makes it one of the best military jobs that transfer to civilian life in the U.S.

7. Project Manager

Having the necessary skills in project management can guarantee you a smooth transition from the military into the civilian workforce. Since many recruiting companies look for persons capable of leading and managing different categories of people and those who can resolve conflicts, this career is quite marketable.

To qualify as a project manager, you should be able to plan, initiate, and execute projects. You will also have to be resourceful, and innovative, and possess great communication skills, making you better placed for a job in the real world.

The average salary for a project manager in the United States of America is $86,849 per year.

8. Computer Network Architect

With the skills of a computer network architect, you can never go wrong when transferring your services to the civilian world after exiting the military. The primary duty in this career is to manage data communication networks. You are not limited to a single organization or business in this career but can work with local area networks. It is also possible to work with global or multinational communication systems.

The computer network architect is, without a doubt among the best military jobs that transfer to civilian life. You can easily land a job in various fields, such as an expanding healthcare company or large technology firm.

The average salary for computer network architects is $86,957 per year.

9. IT Consultant

Every organization or business has its unique objectives that they aspire to meet. They, therefore, seek the services of IT consultants to help in the evaluation, design, and implementation of information technology.

Since these experts are in high demand, veterans find it easy to transfer their services to the civilian workforce. The average salary per year of an IT consultant is $79,877, with the highest earners earning $143k per year.

10. IT Manager

A computer information systems manager, also known as an IT manager, oversees the analysis of all computer needs in a company. They give recommendations on areas that need to be improved for the smooth and effective running of the organization and are also tasked with maintaining and installing the computer software and hardware for the company.

To succeed as an IT manager, one should have excellent communication skills, be attentive to details, and be passionate about computer science. Such skills make the transition from the military to the real world quite seamless.

The average salary for an IT manager is $93,639, with the highest salary at $140,727 per year.

11. Dental Specialist

The work of a dentist could be quite overwhelming at times unless one has proper assistance. One needs help in the arrangement of the dental office and the planning of dental procedures.

A dental specialist comes in handy, especially in organizing the tools and preparing the patients, such as taking the patient’s blood pressure and conducting oral exams, among other vitals. A dental specialist may help place and remove sutures, prepare surgical tools, and administer anesthesia during dental restoration procedures.

This career also involves providing assistance with x-rays, requesting and receiving inventory supplies, scheduling appointments, and filling and maintaining proper records. These services are vital in the military and civilian world and will enhance a hustle-free transition.

The average salary for a dental specialist is $60,154 per year. You can check out these alternative careers for medical practitioners if you’ve been a medic in the military.

12. Motor Transport Operator

Both the army personnel and cargo require transportation to various places. A motor transport specialist will also supervise the loading and offloading of the cargo besides driving the army trucks and cars.

This career also involves the preparation of the vehicles used in the movement of personnel and cargo. Veterans are best suited for the job as they use defense methods to protect the convoy during transportation and manage and rectify any malfunctions with the vehicles.

Therefore, working in transportation in the military can prepare you for transport jobs as a civilian after leaving the army.

The average salary for motor transport operators in the United States of America is $48,883 per year.

13. Radiology Experts

Radiologists are specialists in the military who help in the operation of X-ray equipment and machines used for CT scans, MRI examinations, and ultrasounds.

They help review and interpret orders and requisitions from the physicians, help with the radiography of body sections and localization of foreign bodies, and assist in the radiographic examination of the patient’s nervous, respiratory, and vascular systems.

It is also their duty to ensure the equipment is clean and properly maintained during this procedure. They also keep track of a patient’s test records and produce radiographic films. The services of these specialists are vital in both the military and civilian world and one will easily get employed after exiting the armed forces.

The average salary for a radiology specialist is $49,813 per year.

Key takeaways

While it may not be easy to cope with the real world after exiting the military, the right skills and expertise will prepare you for a smooth transition. You can continue earning a decent salary and living a comfortable life with any of the above careers.

Make sure that besides engaging in the relevant courses for the job, you will also develop an interest and passion for what you do.

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