8 Best Jobs for People with Anxiety in 2023

Before we jump to the main topic of this article which is best jobs for people with anxiety, we first need to understand what anxiety itself is.

What is Anxiety?

It is a feeling of fear or worry that shows up when one is stressed. Depending on the magnitude of what triggered it, anxiety sometimes can either be mild or intense.

The majority of people who are affected by this mental health condition in the United States are 20% of adults.

Globally, it’s one of the most popular health conditions that a very large number of people battle with. Sometimes it is very difficult for people with anxiety to finish their daily tasks, no matter how small or enormous it may be and this can become stress-inducing.

For people with anxiety who have globe-trotting the internet looking for jobs that best fit them, I want to let you know that there are low-stress jobs with good salaries that can help you put food on the table.

Before I forget, below are some of the things you need to put into consideration when hunting for the best jobs for people with anxiety.

Make sure that the job you are searching for or looking for is flexible. By this, I mean deadline and workspace.
Don’t dismiss job opportunities simply because they cannot permit you to work from the comfort of your house.

Let no one lie to you that there are no best jobs for people with anxiety simply because you lack a college degree.

8 Best Jobs for People with Anxiety

Now that you have a clear copy of what anxiety is, let’s now take a look at some of the best low-stress jobs people with this condition can apply to.

1. Graphic Designer

This is a good career field for someone with anxiety. You will be tasked with designing logos, flyers, and business cards, just to mention a few.

What I like about this profession is the fact that you can boost your monthly income if employed with a side hustle.

For one to become a graphic designer, he or she needs to attain a bachelor’s degree in graphic design. You will also be required to have work samples that will help boost your resume.

The reason why it falls under this list of best jobs for people with anxiety is because of the salary that it comes.

According to Indeed, the average income for a graphic designer in the United States of America is $56,043 per year.

2. Ground Maintenance Worker

The work of a ground maintenance worker is to make sure that the outdoor environment where he or she is stationed is neat at all times and also well taken care of.

This type of profession is highly recommended for someone with anxiety because it helps to relax the mind and body.

No formal type of education is needed for one to become a ground maintenance worker. However, you will be required to undergo training and thereafter obtain a license depending on the state that you are in.

This license is a must for employees who deal with fertilizers or pesticides.

The average income for a ground maintenance worker is $40,167 per year.

3. Writer and Author

A lot of people normally undermine writers and authors but the truth of the matter is that this profession pays a lot.

In the United States, writers and authors who create content for different types of media make an average salary of $62,775 according to Glassdoor.

This amount can be boosted through a side job. The most encouraging bit is that a large fraction of authors and writers in this profession are self-employed.

If you are looking forward to being employed as a full-time writer or author, a college degree in English, journalism, or a related field is mandatory.

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4. Accountant and Auditor

Another best job for people with anxiety in the United States is accounting and auditing. Their work is to come up with financial records and also examine them.

A majority of professionals in this field are full-time employees with mouth-watering salaries.

For one to be hired as an accountant and auditor, a bachelor’s degree in accounting or a related field is a must. Becoming a Certified Public Accountant will boost your job prospects.

Professions in this career field get paid an average salary of $71,379 per year. This figure can be increased through a side hustle depending on the flexibility of your main job.

5. Computer Programmer

Computer programming is one of those low-stress jobs that can come in handy for those of us with anxiety.
The good thing is that this job can be done from home.

A bachelor’s degree or an associate degree is needed for someone who wants to end up in this career field. You can also boost your skills by enrolling in short programming courses.

What makes it one of the best jobs for people with anxiety is the salary that comes with it.

In the United States, the average income for a computer programmer per hour is $39.79, and yearly $71,403.

6. Librarians and Library Media Specialists

The work of people in these two professions is to assist those of us who are trying to find information about a particular thing and perform research either for commercial use or personal gain.

A majority of librarians and library media specialists are stationed in government offices, schools, and other institutions.

For one to end up in these two career fields, he or she needs to have at least a master’s degree in library science.

The average income for a librarian is $57,583 and that of a library media specialist is $48,613 per year.

7. Forest and Conservation Workers

People in these career fields are tasked with making sure that forests are well maintained and quality improved by planting seedlings.

A bigger percentage of forest and conservation workers work for local governments, state, or privately owned forests.

When it comes to education level, you’ll require a high school diploma before commencing work.
Forest and conversation workers pocket an average salary of $38,346 per year.

8. Passenger Vehicle Drivers

Passenger vehicle drivers play a very vital in our country because they people without personal cars to maneuver from one point to another at a small fee.

Most of them work for long hours as full-time drivers while others choose to make it a side hustle. The reason why it falls under this list of best jobs for people with anxiety is that it helps relax the mind and has minimal pressure.

With a high school diploma in the United States, someone can become a passenger vehicle driver though you’ll also need a regular driving license or a special DL depending on the car you drive.

The average income for a passenger vehicle driver in the United States of America is $42,128 per year.

Other Best Jobs for People with Anxiety

  • Web developer
  • Social media manager
  • Mobile app developer
  • Animal trainer
  • Video Editor
  • Interior decorator
  • Massage therapist


Although the writer of this article has highlighted the 15 best jobs for people with anxiety, there are still a variety of alternatives you can put into consideration.

Some of them also require a high education level while others with a high school diploma you should be good to go.

Also, a majority of them have minimal pressure, someone who will highly favor someone with anxiety.

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