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15 Best Careers to Start at 30 Years Old (2023)

Starting a fulfilling career at 30 is an exciting opportunity to explore new horizons. To begin, identify your interests and skill set. This will guide you toward choosing the best path. Certain industries, like technology and healthcare, are booming and offer great prospects.

Seeking advice from mentors or career coaches can help refine your decision-making process. Remember that a switch can be challenging but worth it in the long run.

As you chart your course towards professional success, invest time in acquiring education and certifications. This can bolster your resume, increase your chances of promotions and make you more desirable to prospective employers.

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Networking effectively by attending events and broadening your online presence via social media platforms is vital.

Is 30 too old to start a new career?

Starting a new career at the age of 30 is not too old as it comes with several benefits. Individuals who change jobs in their thirties have gained valuable experience and have a better sense of what they want to achieve professionally.

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They tend to view their career decisions more objectively, are more decisive, and have a clear vision of their job goals. Moreover, they bring diverse perspectives and skills from their previous work experiences, making them an asset to any organization.

There are many options available for those starting a new career at 30, depending on their interests and skills.

Some examples include becoming a teacher or counselor, joining the tech industry with coding or design skills, or pursuing freelance work as a writer or photographer.

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It is essential to identify one’s strengths and weaknesses before selecting a new career path. Researching industries that offer great potential for job growth and salary prospects can also be helpful.

An important aspect of starting a new career at any age is continuing education and training. It is crucial to gain new skills and stay up-to-date with industry trends through online courses or professional development programs. Further investing in one’s education can lead to opportunities for career advancement.

Best Careers to Start at 30 Years Old

As you enter your 30s, you’re likely looking for a career with stability, growth potential, and passion. Finding the perfect job, however, isn’t always easy.

This article will guide you through the best careers to start at 30 years old. Discover what career path is right for you and how to make it happen.

1. Event Planner

For individuals seeking to explore new career paths at 30, an excellent option is the profession of event planning. This vocation entails managing all details of events such as conferences, weddings, and other social gatherings that require planning. An event planner’s duties include budget management, vendor negotiations, venue selection, and various logistics surrounding the occasion.

An event coordinator is responsible for executing events and ensuring client satisfaction from small to large-scale events. Strong communication skills with employees and clients are necessary to operate promotional events efficiently. This role also includes specialized experience in catering and hospitality management.

Besides working on unique arrangements for gatherings that meet clients’ preferences, event coordinator roles provide better financial prospects than many professional paths at this stage in life.

This occupation is ideal for passionate extroverted persons looking for a challenging career with a high income.

The average salary for an event planner in the United States of America is $53,028, with the highest-paid earning $83,345 per year. This makes it one of the best careers to start at 30 years old.

2. Teaching

Teaching is a pivotal career choice for individuals starting their career journey at 30.

It offers a variety of opportunities for individuals to develop their skills while helping young minds grow. Teaching allows one to impart knowledge and contribute positively to society, making it an extremely rewarding choice.

With various fields to specialize in, from primary school educators to TESOL instructors or vocational trainers, teaching presents individuals with a range of options to choose from. Additionally, teachers receive numerous benefits such as flexible schedules and rewarding retirement plans.

It is important to note that obtaining a teaching degree comes at an affordable cost compared to other professions when pursuing further education or training.

Furthermore, with the high demand for quality teachers across the globe, the job security that comes along with this profession is immense.

To summarize, teaching provides an extraordinary opportunity for individuals seeking a meaningful and fulfilling career to start at 30.

The average salary for a teacher in the United States of America is $28,169. Top earners get paid $56,496 per year.

3. IT Consultant

If you’re in the science and tech industry and looking for a lucrative career to start at 30 years old, a possible choice is becoming an IT consultant.

As an IT consultant, you will provide advice on how to improve clients’ IT infrastructure to meet business goals and address tech issues. Your technical knowledge will help identify and resolve inefficiencies and risks while ensuring client satisfaction.

As an IT consultant, you can specialize in Cloud Computing or Cybersecurity – two of the most in-demand fields today. If you have experience in either of these areas or want to acquire new skills through training programs, it could boost your potential income substantially.

Finding the right career path at 30 can be challenging but if you enjoy hands-on problem-solving and are interested in technology, becoming an IT consultant could be an ideal choice for better financial prospects.

IT consultant is one of the best careers to start at 30 years old.

The average income for an IT consultant in the United States of America is $79,276, with the highest-paid earning as much as $142,000 per year.

4. Community Service Specialist

Social work revolves around helping individuals and populations who face social or economic disadvantages. It involves planning, administering, and evaluating programs that assist in areas like mental health, rehabilitation, housing, and education.

A community service specialist typically works with different stakeholders to address the needs of underserved communities. They also help connect these communities to available resources such as government assistance programs.

Community service specialists must have strong empathetic listening skills, as they work closely with people from diverse backgrounds daily. It is crucial to understand and appreciate the unique needs of clients and stakeholders while seeking solutions that promote sustainable socioeconomic changes.

Furthermore, the job generally requires a bachelor’s degree in social work or related fields like psychology or sociology.

However, some candidates can find success without a degree by acquiring certification from recognized bodies like the National Association of Social Workers (NASW).

The average salary for a community service specialist in the United States of America is $46,716. Top earners get paid $90,000 per year.

5. Software Developer

Aspiring to be a master of programming languages and techno-wizardry? A role that guarantees job security due to its high demand? This is where software development comes in.

Software developers are the crafters behind the software and applications used on computers or mobile devices. They take user needs and translate them into code, designing, developing, testing, and deploying software for businesses or individuals.

Due to advancements in technology, there’s a significant increase in demand for software developers worldwide. With more businesses expanding their online presence, the demand for developers who can create digital platforms has seen a surge.

Besides having access to remote working options and flexibility on how they approach projects, salaries of software developers also tend to be higher compared to most other professions.

Furthermore, software development is open to anyone with little or no experience in programming who’s willing to learn and improve their skills daily through online tutorials or industry-recognized courses.

The average salary for a software developer, which is also one of the highest-paying freelance jobs, is $94,872. Well-established professionals in this career earn $162,000 per year, making it one of the best careers to start at 30 years old.

6. Personal Financial Consultant

For those considering a career to begin at 30, a role as a financial consultant may be an excellent fit. You will have the opportunity to work closely with clients to improve their financial well-being.

Personal financial consultants help individuals manage their finances by analyzing their situation and offering advice in areas such as investments, insurance, and retirement planning.

Additionally, this career offers flexibility as it could be conducted from home, remotely, or in-person meetings with clients. With this job, you also have the potential of earning quite an attractive income through commissions besides the regular service charge.

Being able to connect with people effortlessly combined with finance-related knowledge is essential for this role.

The beauty of this career option is that one can specialize further in different areas like estate planning or taxation if that piques interest.

The satisfaction of seeing clients meet their financial goals through tailored advice would undoubtedly be rewarding.

Personal financial consultant is one of the best careers to start at 30 years old in the United States of America.

The average salary for a personal financial consultant is $75,471, with top earners getting $194,000 per year.

7. Public Relations Specialist

Working as a public relation specialist, which is also one of the best alternative careers for journalists, can be an ideal career to start at the age of 30. As we all know, the reputation of a business is of significant importance in today’s world.

It takes years for an organization to build up its reputation, but it only takes one mistake to ruin it. The role requires effective communication skills and the ability to interact comfortably with people from varied backgrounds.

Reputation management is about monitoring as well as maintaining a company’s image in the public domain.

Professionals in this field are required to tackle negative feedback and ensure that their organization remains relevant and up-to-date. They must be competent in creating solutions for any negative feedback and turning them into positives.

A public relations specialist often works closely with marketing and sales departments, so must have an understanding of these fields as well.

Furthermore, one should note that this job often requires on-call duties which can break routine schedules. However, if one has sound interpersonal skills backed by knowledge of public relations techniques, working in this field comes easily.

The average salary for a public relations specialist in the United States of America is $57,158, with the potential of earning up to $96,000 per year.

8. Photographer

Photography is a thriving industry that allows individuals to unleash their creativity and capture memorable moments.

With the rise of social media platforms and e-commerce, photographers have a great opportunity to excel in various niches like wedding, event, fashion, and product photography.

Beginning as a freelance photographer or starting your own business can give you the freedom to express yourself creatively while earning well.

Apart from technical skills, networking, and marketing yourself are the key to success in this field. By building an online portfolio and promoting yourself through social media channels, one can attract clients from all over the world.

Photography, which is also one of the fun remote jobs that pay well, is a fun career choice that requires dedication but paves the way to both creative fulfillment and financial stability. Photography is undoubtedly an excellent career path to start at 30.

The average salary for a photographer in the United States of America is $44,647. Well-established photographers can earn up to $114,142 per year.

9. Dental Hygienist

Dental Hygienist is one of the best careers to start at 30 years old. Professionals in this career are responsible for cleaning teeth, examining patients, and educating them about how to maintain their oral health.

They work closely with dentists to assist in various procedures, such as filling cavities and taking X-rays. With the right training and certification, becoming a dental hygienist has proven to be a rewarding and stable career choice.

In addition to routine cleanings and exams, dental hygienists play an integral role in identifying potential oral health issues, such as gum disease or early signs of oral cancer. Individuals who have a passion for improving overall patient health through preventative measures may find this profession particularly fulfilling.

Dental hygienists also have the opportunity to interact with people from diverse backgrounds daily, making it an ideal career path for those with strong communication skills.

Moreover, pursuing this field does not require expensive education beyond an associate degree. This makes it an attractive option when compared to other professions that require extended periods of education and training. 

While choosing a good career for 30-year-olds can be a daunting task, embarking on the journey towards becoming a dental hygienist can provide stability for years to come while positively impacting the lives of patients in need.

The average salary for a dental hygienist in the United States of America is $98,294, with the highest-paid getting $131,358 per year.

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10. Data Analyst

Professionals who analyze and interpret large volumes of data to derive insights, trends, and patterns are in high demand due to the increased digitization of industries worldwide.

These professionals are known as data analysts. They play a critical role in any company or organization that deals with vast amounts of data. They are responsible for ensuring that data is accurately collected and analyzed and that actionable insights are extracted from it.

Data analysts excel at interpreting complex sets of data into easy-to-understand visualizations, reports, and presentations for organizational decision-making purposes.

They must be skilled in programming languages and have a firm grounding in statistics, coupled with excellent critical thinking skills.

One unique aspect of this career path is that different industries require varying degrees of specialization from their data analysts.

For example, financial analysts may focus solely on data relevant to market trends and economic forecasts, while healthcare analysts must be knowledgeable about medical terminology and patient data privacy laws.

Data analysis is one of the best careers to start at 30 years old in the United States of America.

The average salary for a data analyst is $76,381, with top-paid earners pocketing up to $117,501 per year.

11. Medical Assistant

For those interested in starting a new career at 30, becoming a medical assistant is a viable option.

As a medical assistant, you will be responsible for helping patients during their visits to medical facilities and assisting doctors with routine medical procedures. This field offers a great opportunity for growth and advancement.

Medical assistants play an essential role in patient care by performing various clinical tasks such as taking vital signs, preparing patients for examinations, collecting lab specimens, and administering injections and medications under the direction of physicians.

Medical assistants are also responsible for managing administrative tasks such as scheduling appointments and updating patient records.

This career provides both clinical and administrative experience. Medical assistants are constantly learning new skills and keeping up with medical advancements which can lead to career progression into other healthcare fields such as nursing or even physician assistant roles.

The average salary for a medical assistant in the United States of America is $43,582, with the top-paid getting $58,055 per year.

12. Data Scientist

Generating insights from complex and large datasets is the main forte of this career. It uses algorithms, machine learning, and statistical techniques to identify patterns and trends that businesses can use for better decision-making.

The role involves extracting, cleansing, analyzing, and communicating data-driven insights that solve real-life problems

As one of the most in-demand careers for 30-year-olds, a data scientist should have strong technical aptitude coupled with business acumen.

A data scientist should be able to handle big data technologies and be able to visualize their findings by building dashboards or creating reports using tools like Power BI/Tableau.

A successful data science professional should never stop learning because new technologies and techniques are constantly being introduced into the industry.

They must keep up with the latest innovations in AI/machine learning while staying grounded with traditional statistics concepts.

Overall, becoming a data scientist is one of the best careers to start at 30 years old as it offers job stability, flexibility in work settings, and opportunities for growth.

The average salary for a data scientist in the United States of America is $124,156, with the potential of earning up to $188,274 per year.

13. Financial Analyst

With the world of finance constantly evolving, there is a high demand for analytical skills and expertise. A career as a financial analyst holds immense opportunities for individuals seeking to explore finance at its core.

Financial analysts create personalized strategies for clients by examining market trends and financial data.

Expertise in investment management and sound decision-making skills are essential in this role. The ability to communicate complex financial information effectively to clients is also crucial.

As a financial analyst, you have an opportunity to further broaden your skill set by gaining certifications such as Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) or Certified Financial Planner (CFP). This not only opens up more opportunities but also demonstrates credibility and professionalism to clients.

The average salary for a financial analyst is $74,693, with top earners being paid $106,532 per year. This makes it one of the best careers to start at 30 years old in the United States of America.

14. Insurance Sales Agent/Underwriter

For those starting their careers at 30, pursuing a job in insurance sales or underwriting could be a smart choice.

These professionals are responsible for evaluating risks and helping clients choose the right cover to protect themselves, their families, and their assets.

Insurance sales agents help clients understand policy benefits and limitations. Underwriters analyze applications for insurance coverage, evaluate risk factors, and determine the terms of a policy.

Insurance sales agents and underwriters have several unique advantages as well. Most jobs in this field require only a high school diploma or equivalent with on-the-job training.

Many positions offer flexible schedules allowing for better work-life balance, and commission-based salaries provide higher earning potential than traditional salaried positions.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that employment in insurance-related careers will grow by approximately 10 percent by the year 2026.

Starting your career in insurance sales or underwriting could be an excellent decision. Relatively low qualifications, job flexibility, and significant earning potential make this one of the best careers to start at 30 years old.

The average salary for an insurance sales agent is $60,872, and that of an underwriter is $94,402 per year, making it one of the best careers to start at 30 years old in the United States of America.

15. Investment Analyst

For a career to start at 30 years old, becoming an investment analyst is an ideal option. As the name suggests, these professionals analyze market trends and make informed decisions for investments.

They evaluate financial statements, economic data, and other information on various company stocks and provide recommendations to investors.

Investment analyst positions are available in many fields, including investment banking firms, insurance companies, and pension funds. As an investment analyst, you need to have excellent analytical skills, attention to detail, and strong communication skills.

A degree in finance or accounting along with relevant certifications like Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) can boost your career prospects.

To stand out from the crowd as a financial analyst at any age bracket requires maintaining supreme industry knowledge and keeping up-to-date with market trends through network restructuring. Additionally, having great analytical rigor can give you an edge over others.

The average salary for an investment analyst is $83,008, with the highest paid getting as much as $134,160 per year. It is one of the best careers to start at 30 years old in the United States of America.


Starting a new career at the age of 30 can be scary, to say the least. However, there are dozens of career opportunities you can explore based on your skills, experience, and personal goals. We hope this list provides you with a few options to consider.

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