Arizona State University Lupu-Willock Endowed Scholarship

Scholarship information

The Lupu-Willock Endowed Scholarship for MSW students. This scholarship is provided through the generous support of the Pima Council on Aging by long-time Tucson resident, Katheryne B. Willock. Ms. Willock’s family was the beneficiary of PCOA’s services. In recognizing Ms. Willock’s appreciation for its important work, PCOA elected to create this scholarship in her name to help social work students interested in working with the aging population achieve their master’s degrees and encourage the continued advancement of aging-related professions.

Marian Lupu’s life and work are also recognized through the creation of this endowment. Ms. Lupu was the founding executive director of the Pima Council on Aging and served in this capacity for 40 years until retiring at the age of 82. A public policy researcher, Ms. Lupu moved to Tucson with her husband and three children from Pittsburgh where she became the director of the Tucson Council on Aging in 1967 and worked for nine months without pay. Over the years, Ms. Lupu led the creation of a nationally recognized case management model for Area Agencies on Aging and was a national leader in aging advocacy and services.


Minimum GPA: 3.00
FAFSA Required: No
Must Demonstrate Need: No
Residency: Arizona resident or Non-Arizona resident
Enrollment status: Full-time, 3/4 time, 1/2 time
Academic level: Graduate
Location: ASU at Pima
College: Public Service and Community Solutions, Watts College of
Field of study: Social Work and Medical Residency Programs – Subspecialty Certificates
Donor preferences:
1) Completing an internship at aging-related agencies
2) Pursuing a Foundational Graduate Certificate in Gerontology

Application information

Deadline: Friday, October 06, 2023
Portal app: This scholarship is currently accepting applications for the 2023-2024 academic year. You will need to sign in to apply.


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